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So this is another site that came across my desk recently. It's a most interesting review! When the owner of the site wrote, the site was described as, "wherein star-defying poetry, soul-stripping fiction, oddments, miscellanea, a Romanian translation, and even a note on the font" which intrigued me to no end! So I surfed on over to check it out. And I immediately wrote back asking if some of those poems were to be considered for submission here at KotaPress!! They were so good, with a talented sense of humor you rarely see in poets today. Sadly, the site was not open for re-publication on the individual pieces, but they offered the links up to me.

So I'm sharing the whole site with you now:

In particular, I'm wanting to have you peel your eyes onto the Copyright Law piece which is really brilliant!

And I'll also point out the section called "Writer for Sale!" -- cracked me up! Don't we all feel like that as we head into, not only our art, but also the business of our art. Awesome stuff! Check it out:


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