Getting Published
From Jerry Hicks

Editor's Note: Throughout every month, I get tons and tons of emails from writers and poets who are doing awesome things on their own websites, with other arts organization, with universities, schools, and art centers. Lately, I've begun to feel that this valuable information that comes to my email-box is lost on those who would appreciate it most -- our Kota readers. So I'm starting to incorporate more news and announcements into the Poetry Journal.

And the following from Jerry Hicks is one that I just had to pass on to you. You know we do our own "Self Publishing Made Easy" class here at KotaPress, but it seems that writers are loathe to get themselves published. They just want to write, not do the business of their art. So I figure as many supports and resources we can provide to you to prompt you to take the initiative on the business of your art, the better! Here's one more resource for support:

From Jerry Hicks, Contributing Editor at Poetix

"Getting published" really differs from all other marketing data because once you get into and start using the column, it actually nudges you into submitting. All the information, particularly the morgue in Triage, is extremely current and topical. California offers a huge market to authors on all rungs of the professional ladder.


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