KotaPress, June 2003

This issue is pretty packed with news, announcements, poetry, and a short story. Short stories are rare in our collection here, but absolutely have to read Jonathon Shipley's "With Love from Russia" because you will just crack up! He's an amazing writer. He also does a Vashon soap opera on VoV called Sands In Your Eyes which is very funny and will be highlighted in the live WORDS show June 3rd at the Blue Heron on Vashon.

We have calls for writings, doilies, and other sundry items. We have announcements of cool poetry happenings, sharing of cool sites, information about getting published. And we have a FAB lesson on racism, or should I say brain damage, from Mr. Chipoletti! Townee and Gourlay are back with new works. Adams, Smith, and Conway are new-comers to Kota offer some very insightful, some very funny, some very heart-wrenching works. And be sure to check out the new Lynn Dewart site!!! She's got a great new look over there.

There's also some new information about using writing and art with children during bereavement. You'll find that in this month's Poetry Therapy column. We've got a bit of background from moi with the re-publication of the Amazon interview. And the VASHON FEATURE has some amazing stuff this month!!! Reverend Joan McCabe's ROMANCE NOVEL serial debuts in that feature, so check it out!!

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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