Table of Contents

1.  Remembrances
     by Trevor Hewett
2.   More Pic & Prose...   
      by Carol Jo Horn
3.  PoetsWest News
     from J. Glenn Evans
4.   PoetSpeak Oregon
      from Kurt Kristensen
5.  Poems by Rebecca Meredith
     by Rebecca Meredith
6.   Poems by Wellingham-Jones
      by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
7.  Devoid
     by Pedro Wrobel
8.   Poems by Barnes
      by christopher barnes
9.  We open...
      by Vadim Bystritski

10.  Poems by Wenzel
      by Jody Wenzel

11.  Poems by Townee
      by townee
12.  Her Mind's Eye
      by Ginger Lee
13.  Poems by Pirie
      by Mark Pirie
14.  Linger
      by Beth Sample
15. Poems by Jaffe
     by Larry Jaffe
16.  Poetry In Seattle!
      by from Christopher J. Jarmick
17. Updates from Helfgott
     from Esther Helfgott
18.  Last word on scams...
      from Kara & KotaPress

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