by Larry Jaffe


my eyes turn

to tears


I beat the burning bush

into submission


I hold your hand

half pardoned

half burned


my eyes turn

to ash


I kiss wounds and

beg forgiveness


my fingers falter

at your gown


you are no longer

a ghost


we love so hard

and turn to diamond

Indifferent Sea
by Larry Jaffe

On this sea

Feet are shorter

Planted in

Nefarious hours

Minutes and seconds

I drop from one moment

To the next bits of past

Mixed with future

Confuse me.

I tread water watching


Love poem without
by Larry Jaffe

If I could write a love poem

it would never mention the words

love, like, adore, etcetera.

It would not have poorly

hyphenated words nor

resort to curse, cliché or flattery.

Nor would I use slang or simile.

My love would not mention

any of any variety of body parts

or even talk about you

in terms of earth quakes,

sunsets or other metaphor.

I would not use expressions

like little death to describe

our passions that in my universe

are bigger than life.

No, I would simply comment

on the smile I have yet to see

and the mystery of a

pounding heart.


Ennobling Fascism
by Larry Jaffe

No one will know

Or understand this pain

Of swallowing German thorns

Slicing dentures

Catastrophe at your feet

Toes broken

Gagging on the smell

Of dismembered soul

Transportation convex

Shoehorned into a tapestry

Of ennobled fascism.

Mengele rings the bell

And all salivate

Tiny rivers of pain transcend one universe

gallantly leading to another

Arms swing in n defacto staccato

No alights

No one elights

This prison of shame

Eyes, a cacophony of pleading

No one escapes the shame

No one

Hands reach for silent crucifix

We all pray

We all prey

Down the outsides

Where relief waits

Down intestinal fortitudes

Where relief lies

Drunken talisman

Plays the tune of disaffection

lollipops suckle the human heart

suffering in tiny crucible of humanity

I pray that the suffering I do today

Will lead to happiness and joy tomorrow.

My heart broken in triangles

Served readily to fiends of family

Wealth enjoys only one enclave

Drunk on the fisher boatman’s song


Editor's Note: As always, amazing...thank you!!


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