Her Mind's Eye
by Ginger Lee

She walks through the door
doing simply that--walking
content with
and engrossed by
only herself.
I want to wave my arms
jump up and down
catch her attention and make her
look at me
with her old eyes.
She told me once that life
was clever and tricky
and smarter than me.
"Good thing it's in charge."
Her glance was sly
moved from the corner of her eye
She said that
John Lennon
mentioned once how life was
what happened when you were
busy making other plans--
and that she believed him
because she liked his sunglasses.
So she makes it a point
to never be busy
making other plans
just in case life happens
when she's not looking--
when she's thinking about
dinner later.
I wonder what it means that
my plans
are always to be part of
her plans--
the ones she isn't making.


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