Body Writes!

"  Knowing I could email you day or night for a week was like having a poetry therapist. ...I would not have gotten near as much out of it had I not felt that you were there..."

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Feedback from eCourse Student

"  I printed [the assignments] out and took them with me. A traveling class! The class was a very flexible...I got a better view of myself as a person. I blossomed as I wrote. The class was a real self discovery as well as a spring board to writing, a medium I had be so afraid of prior to this class and meeting Kara at MISS in May. The words just flowed, something very new for me!...I write with confidence now, even in business correspondence. Thank you! I look much deeper at things because my mind allows free thoughts to explore in ways that were unknown before the class. Words have a creative, exploring nature now. More free thoughts have occured because of this."


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