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Flash of Life


Second Edition, June 2002
by Kara L.C. Jones
10 digit ISBN 1-929359-15-2
13 digit ISBN 978-1-929359-15-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2002092667
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About the Book

The narrative is one family's experience of pregnancy and still-birth showing how the death of a child affects a woman, a marriage, a family, and a community. Included is a resource guide for finding online and off line support during the grieving and healing process.

If someone you know and love is enduring the death of a baby due to any cause, this can be a wonderful gift to honor the memory of that child. Perfect for those awkward holidays like Mothers/Fathers Day or the first Christmas after the death of the child-- honor that child and recognize that parent's grief with this gift.

Released August 1999, ISBN 1-929359-01-2.


At the shore

Dedicated to my son Dakota
born-still at full term on
March 11, 1999 at 4:47pm

When I wasn't looking
my son became the ocean shore,
he became that sound of rocks
shuffling around
surfing against one another
clanking like diamonds
being polished from their rough,
he became the ebb & flow
of grief, the tide inching up on me
then suddenly flooding me,
he became wet sand
grits in my hair
rubbing my scalp raw till
only my husband's tender hands
could pick out the pieces & tangles.

My son became a baby crab
frantically crawling sideways,
scared to death when the huge rock
was suddenly turned over,
burrowed furiously under another rock--
not my rock, not my womb,
but back to the Goddess' womb--
he became a sea anemone,
an enigma to me, sometimes
wide open and pulsing when
washed over with salt water,
my tears, sometimes
hard and closed
barely moving between tides.

When I wasn't looking
my son left me and took on
the world, went back to being
the Spirit who is so
much bigger than
his tiny body was,
went back to become
that sound of surf,
lapping the shore,
the ceaselessness of waves.


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Kara L.C. Jones, heARTist + educator, offers her heARTwork at and

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