Angel Love
By Katie I.

As I gaze into the stars with loving thoughts of you, I feel your presence
gaze back at me from heaven above.

When a soft breeze gently presses into me, I feel it's you, my sweet son,
sending me a kiss from heaven above.

On a warm and sunshining day, I feel your warmth wrap around me as if you are
giving me a giant bear hug full of love from heaven above.

And, whenever a little boy looks at me with an angelic face and smiles, I
wonder if that smile is created by your loving spirit from heaven above.

You are forever in my heart and always with my thoughts. Until we meet
again, I will never stop aching to hold you snugly in my arms.

All My Love, Mom.

In honor & memory of my son,
Charles Christopher, who was born still
on November 6, 1999. This poem is
also a dedication for all babies that were
born as angels into heaven.
They may not be with us,
but they will never be forgotten.


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