corpus fugue
By Kevin M. Simmonds

his face emptied before i arrived.
the ambulances. the policemen.
my car smashed to gory abstraction.
glass stabbing the street.
onlookers concerned with dying,
dying to be dead.

the numbing polyphony:
death and dying
on a city street.

i’m over the spread-out body.
i forgot how.

i take back my son’s name
from whatever that is in front of me
and pray to the Iron Lung,
oh, breathe me.

Kevin M. Simmonds is a winner from KotaPress Anthology Contest for Vol 1, Issue 2, which will be released in May 2001. Because he is currently teaching overseas, he will not be joining us for the May reading, and we'll miss him! But we hope his travels are fulfilling and prosperous for him.


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