After A While
By Robert A. Clay

I still expect to see you
approaching my door.
Sauntering as if time didn’t matter.
You were a showcase of vitality.
Defiant and unaware of your destiny.
What would I pay to see you again?

I need to hear your voice.
One more word.
One more thought.

I wish to wrap my arms
around your shoulders.
One more touch.
I would never let you go.

I need one more chance
to disbelieve what is evident.
Allowing me to survive
until the healing begins,
after a while.

After a while,
my memory won’t be as vivid as today.
I might forget your childish grin.

After a while,
I may not recall your
jokes that made me laugh,
but I will always recall how I cried,
even after a while.

Certainty is unfamiliar to me.
Today, my faith in tomorrow does not exist.
I will not be able to see you again.
At least not within
the span of my lifetime.
But, I believe
you will be waiting for me in the light
and we shall embrace again
after a while.

Excerpted from Within These Walls


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