The Passage of Time
By Kimberly Sauter

A beginning so sweet but unrecognized until lost
Its source is unconditional love
Its impact short lived, for difficulties in life are often premature
It is a protection that swells our sense of wellbeing
It is cherished
Even with the passage of time as innocence is forlorn, we continue to mourn
the purity that once was
Outwardly, we may try to refute our mortality
Inwardly, we now believe that life has its boundaries
We are human

A pain so deep that it can be difficult to define in words
Its sources are varied
Its impact long lived, often for the rest of our lives to some degree
It is a sorrow that is felt in our bones
It is never forgotten
Even with the passage of time as healing occurs, a scar remains visible to
the eye of our soul
Outwardly, the sadness may appear to have vanished
Inwardly, we know that we have been changed forever
We are grieving

A longing so intense for someone who we have dearly loved
Its source is death
Its impact life long, it pervades until we meet our Beloved again
It is a sadness that is felt in every cell of our being
It is ever present
Even with the passage of time as healing occurs, a wound dwells in the ruins
of our broken heart
Outwardly, the aching may appear to have diminished
Inwardly, we know that we have lost a part of ourselves
We are mourning

A state that is inevitable when we are hurt
Its sources are many
Its impact intense, providing the opportunity for a deeper look inside
It is a fury that overtakes all other emotions
It is transforming
Even with the passage of time as life goes on, the ferocity of rage will
resurface if not addressed
Outwardly, the storm may appear to have passed
Inwardly, we know that the hurricanes are still to come
We are so angry

A transformation that occurs as we find the strength to live again
Its source is Divine
Its impact filled with potential for a new tomorrow
It is a hope that is sensed by our spirit
It is omnipresent
Even with the passage of time as pain devastates, the light of hope
hibernates in the core of our being
Outwardly, the light may appear to have been extinguished
Inwardly, we know that we are destined to trust again
We are healing

A peace that we find when we can accept all that life has to offer
Its source is courage
Its impact crucial, a requirement for satisfying our destiny
It is a dream, longing to be fulfilled
It is today
Even with the passage of time as crises occur, our strength comes from
knowing that this too shall pass
Outwardly, the scars show evidence of battles won and lost
Inwardly, we know that we are triumphant
We are living

A knowing that propels us to look beyond ourselves
Its source is Higher
Its impact extraordinary, beyond rational explanation
It is a miracle waiting to be recognized
It is Spirit
Even with the passage of time as we search and grow, we find that the
destination is the journey itself
Outwardly, we struggle to maintain our faith
Inwardly, we sense that this is our path back to innocence
We are seeking

To read more works by Kimberly Sauter, see her homepage: My Healing Journey


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