This Just In: Phone number in case anyone comes across any aquatic life that has been affected by the recent oil spill just off Vashon Island: 1-800-22BIRDS or 1-800-222-4737. PLEASE do not try to care for these creatures on your own.  It takes specially skilled & trained persons to attend to these animals & the toxic substance that they have been exposed to. We appreciate any & all efforts made to contact us so we can help in caring for these animals.

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Turkey Brains

Turkey Brains, a benefit for the Vashon/Maury Food Bank, will be a night of live poetry, music, and story telling. "Turkey Brains will be a chance to lend a hand to people when they need it most," says Brian Quakenbush, the person responsible for this gala of entertainment.

Quakenbush, a 24 year old Michigan Native, received his Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Grand Valley State University in 2003. With his extensive performance background, he offers an energetic style as a relative newcomer to the poetry scene. The benefit will also showcase the music of Chris Hayward and Eric Courtney, as well as Certified Native American Story Teller, Leslie Creed.

Turkey Brains at Bishops Pub & Restaurant, Friday, November 12th at 8pm. suggested donation of $4 or a canned good will be accepted at the door!



Still need a male voice...

We still need a male voice for the the Halloween Radio Theater Play that will take place on Halloween night at Vashon Bookshop!!! The play is called "The Amulet" and was written by Jonathan Shipley -- translation: it's funny!! If you are interested stop in to talk with Devon at the Bookshop or email me at -- only one rehearsal the week prior, and one rehearsal the day of the show!! Come on!! It'll be fun!



Turner Down for All Hallow's Eve!

Saturday, 10/30/04, from 9:00pm - 1:00am, All Hallows Eve - Bishop's Cafe - Vashon Island, WA... Turner Down ( Rocking the Free World, and
celebrating the demise of that one annoying growth, the one that's been hanging fervently on (much like a weed). We'll be preparing to VOTE, and wearing what we've always wanted to wear while doing it. What will you be this evening? Food, foam, and fun at Bishops, not to mention the frolicking frenzy of friends.



Day of the Dead on Vashon?

Do you know of any Day of the Dead events happening on the island? Any of them open to the public -- or maybe just a couple of very interested artists? Be in touch with me at Also, I have some sugar skull moulds and a great recipe -- lots of icing bags for decorating. If anyone wants to gather for art-making, email me!

CLICK HERE for details about the ofrenda coming to Vashon Bookshop and to see photos of sugar skulls made by Vashon artists!!!



Cafe Luna is a HOPPING spot!!

Check out their website calendar for all that is happening there! They seem to have events every day of the week now, and they have all these cool "every week" things like Intuitive Reading and Life Coaching and stuff! As always, they host great music -- Turner Down will be back as some point this month -- don't miss that! And I hear rumor that Jonathan Shipley will be doing a poetry reading there soon -- wonder if his poems will be as funny as his prose? Anyway, don't miss a thing!!



Sylvan Moon Productions

We had a GREAT time working with Sylvan Moon Productions as they filmed "Island Truths" last summer. They are in editing mode now and very pleased with the film footage they got. Heard from Wintry that when the film is ready for release, they are talking about a possible fundraiser screening at Vashon Theater!!! How cool!!!!



Washington MISS Chapter
National Children's Memorial Day - FREE

Stories, music, and candlelighting for support and inspiration... at Cafe Luna on Vashon Island, Sunday, December 12th, 6 to 7pm

VYFS,, and the WA chapter of the MISS Foundation are partnering for this Vashon event, honoring the national holiday for remembering the 80,000 children who die each year in the U.S. If you are or know of anyone missing a child who has died, please join us for this event. Stories, music, and candlelighting for support and inspiration... Bereaved parents of any gender, race, religion -- ALL -- are welcome. Feel free to bring momentos, photos, memory albums or other touchstones that you might like to display on our "remembrance" table. We'll have some basics available like water, kleenex, and memorial candles available for free. The Cafe will be open for purchases of tea, coffee, or other edibles. This event will host music, a storyteller, a henna artist offering free memorial designs, facilitated computer internet searches for seeking online resources, and an art table in the first half hour or so of the event. The second half hour will be the candlelighting ceremony. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to be in touch with us! Please RSVP by calling VYFS at 463-5511 or by registering online for the event!! Click here

Logo created and graciously donated for use by Swirly Girl!!




October 23rd and/or 24th. The Blue Heron Art Center on Vashon Island will host the play "Deviled Eggs," written by Jonathan and starring Jonathan and his esteemed relations, Christian & Christie Skoorsmith (thespians exemplar). It's a one act play about life, loves, and losers. Jonathan plays a loser. Ticket information, directions, ferry schedules will be forthcoming and other details are at:



Serial release only at KotaPress!!
Transcending Time, Part 3

Our own Joan M. McCabe has just released Part 3 of her novel, Transcending Time, which is the sequel to Tapestry of Time, and you can only read it here!!!

Click here to read Part 3 of Transcending Time!!!

Part 4 will be posted next month...look for it!!!

For more information about Joan, see



Good Folks Concert Series

This series brings more Good Folk music to Vashon Island so we, the Good Folks listeners, can enjoy music here instead of having the expense and time of having to go into “the city”.  The series helps the Good Folks who are performing to make a living at their craft and introduces them to a new audience.  The proceeds from each concert benefit a selected island non-profit that is helping to improve many Good Folks lives!  In the end - the Good Folks of Vashon benefit from all of it!

WHO:  Double Bill:  Tim Grimm and Mark Graham & Orville Johnson****

WHAT:  Concert part of the Havurah fall concert series.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Vashon Youth & Family Services.

WHEN:  Sunday, October 24 th ,  7:00 PM

WHERE:  Havurah Ee Shalom, 15401 Westside Highway, Vashon Island***

TICKETS:  On Sale at Books By the Way and Screaming Mimi's or can be reserved at or Viv Ilo at 567-5969



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