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New eBook

Please note that this is the new, expanded version of Mrs. Duck and The Woman storybook which now is over 90 pages long, including support articles addressing grief support, all in the English language.

Download eBook Here for Free

This eBook is available to you as a PDF file, approx. 468kb file size.
You can start downloading, by clicking here.
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Distribution and Rights

We give permission for anyone downloading the book:

  • To forward the PDF via email -- but please do NOT spam anyone!
  • To make up to 50 print copies to distribute FOR FREE -- not resale -- to share with other bereaved parents and organizations.
  • You must forward/copy intact as a whole work -- you do not have permission to alter, cut, or edit anything.
  • If you wish to use any part of this work in any publication that is for resale, you must get permission from us first!!

If you are looking for the original, print storybook of Mrs. Duck & the Woman in English or Spanish language, click here!

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