by Susan Mello

Welcome to the Spring Equinox issue of The KotaPress Poetry Journal. Make sure you check out our Poetry Contest announcement. We bet this is the only Contest with no entry fee that you'll find this year! We are also proud to feature Elizabeth Gray in our
Poet Chat
Q & A along with four of her poems in this issue. And don't miss reading even a single poem. From the Whispered Voice of The Professional Chef, you'll find the most amazing Notes On A March Day right here at KotaPress! VERSION 1

This issue is dedicated to Anton, William,
Dakota Rain, and Dakota Jones.

Poetry Contest!!!!!
No entry fees nor reading fees here! Check it out, and send us your poems!


Poet Chat
This quarter we are proud to present
Q and A with the eloquent Elizabeth Gray.

Table of Contents
1.  Not Like You
     by Sheri Hess
17.  The Rest Between Two Notes
      by Elizabeth Gray
2.  Fishing
     by Adam Clay
18.  The Knife
      by Betsy Bell
3.  Pistachio Shells
     by Rebecca Page
19.  Meko
      photo by Mekosun
4.  NiteLite
     photo by Susan Mello
20.  The Operation
      by Cathryn M. Lai
5.  A Seattle Woman Looks...
     by Elizabeth Gray
21.  The Professional Chef
      by Seana Sperling
6.  Notes On A March Day
     by P. L. Morningstar
22.  Challiard Road
      by Clyde Kessler
7.  And We Are All Idiots
     by William Benjamin Jenkins
23.  Friends
      by Cesar Gutierrez
8.  My Mother Is Dying
     by Patricia Schlick
24.  Voices
      by Elizabeth Gray
9.  Heart Anemone
     by David Sutherland
25.  Mouth
      by Esther Altshul Helfgott
10.  My Father Greets the Day
      by Charles Fishman
26.  Forsaken Joy
      by Wenohna Joy

11.  Whispered Voice
      by Robert A. Clay

27.  Miracle of Hope
      by Barbara J. Richards
12.  Urn
      photo by Ladybug
28.  Requiem Lullaby
      by Jane Candace Bullard
13.  The Brown Notebook
      by Allegra Wong
29.  Amber
      by Elizabeth Gray
14.  Scars
      by Barbara Ann O'Leary
30.  The Red Louie
      by Nancy Talley
15.  Leaving Time
      by Richard Fein
31.  For Anton Erland Bloomquist
      by Anna Sorenson
16.  Doll's Lesson
      by James Cervantes
32.  Takeout Order
      by Kara L.C. Jones


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