By P. L. Morningstar

1) the kitchen window
Gray skies - a chill in the air. I had hoped
for a sunny day as garden work waited for me.
Weeds threatened to overcome primroses,
perennials needed dividing and the spent
camellia blooms raked from the lawn.
Disheartened I stood at the kitchen window
looking out at winter's last hold on spring.
And while I clung to the warmth of my house,
the wild things made my garden their own.

2) the garden
Goldfinches, brilliant yellow against a cloudy sky,
flew from branch to branch, ever closer to the birdfeeder.
A fat robin landed at the top of the flowering plum tree,
scattering petals to the ground below. A flash of red -
wings blurred. From nowhere a hummingbird appeared,
flitting at hummingbird speed through the tall blooming rosemary.
I caught my breath at its beauty, the iridescent red throat
a sharp contrast to the soft herbal greens and blues.
The hummingbird flew to the fish pond and landed
delicately on a water hyacinth, bathing within the shallow
water it contained. For a moment it sat on a tree branch,
drying tiny wings. Then as quickly as it had arrived,
it disappeared, unaware of the pleasure it had given me
on this gray March day.


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