We here at KotaPress firmly believe that contests for poets should be free AND legitimate. For this reason, we've set about to create a new paradigm in our industry to show how this might be done. We have a Patron of the Arts who underwrites these contests, so they are entirely free! There is no cost on the front end in terms of reading/entry fees. There is no cost on the back end in that winners get free copies of the print Anthology book in which they are featured. No risk to the writer. AND you get paid with at least 10 free copies of the book in which you are featured! Click the menu items below to read on and prosper!

Winners Past & Present
For author bios and excerpts of winning works, read here. Your works could be featured here someday, too, but you have to enter first!

Anthology Contest Guidelines
Please read these guidelines FULLY before you send your entry to us. If the guidelines are not followed, we will delete your entry without reading it and without notice. (In the past I have contacted people when there was something missing, etc, but we get too many emails and entries now. That will no longer happen! Please read the guidelines.)

Readings & Release Parties
For the schedule of upcoming readings and for reviews of release parties past, check out this section. You are always invited to come meet us all in person! Come on down!

Ad Rates Page
For those of you who wish to advertise in our print Anthology books, we offer this ad rate information to you. Ad space goes quickly around here, so contact us ASAP with your request for space.


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