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Presents From The Moment   (Jazz CD)
The Robert Henry Band
No longer in stock
Contributing Artist: Darryl Henry Jedlowski - Piano, Keyboards; Keith Robert O'Neill - Bass, Lead Vocal; Roy Campbell - Drums; Joyce O'Neill Voigt - Vocals; Carol O'Neill Schachter - Vocals
Limited Dist thru KotaPress

Premiere collection from this fabulous East Coast band. You have to check out this smooth jazzy sound for yourself. Available internationally thru KotaPress.         More info...

Diamonds n Sausage   (Jazz & Blues CD)
No longer in stock - PLEASE SEE Shawneelake.net instead
By Shawnee Lake
Jazz & Blues

Please see Shawneelake.net!!! If you have any ear at all, even the teeny-tiny-est little-itty-bit of a liking for blues and jazz, YOU MUST OWN THIS ONE! Shawnee Lake, international singing-sensation, brings us this premiere cd after years in the business. The sound of her voice will cure whatever ails you-- promise!         More info...


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