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Volume 2, Issue 1

Welcome to the Winter Issue 2000/2001 of the KotaPress Poetry Journal.

Letter From the Editor
Holidaze make me dizzy--KP provides comfort!


KP Review
Search for Intelligent Life, Part II, Meeting Lily Tomlin. This show is still running in New York-- if you are anywhere near Manhattan, GO!


KP News Notes
Read all about it! Get your KP News here today!


Poet Chat
Q & A with poet and poetry therapist John Fox author of Finding What You Didn't Lose and Poetic Medicine.


Poetry Contest:
Winners & Guidelines!!!!!

No entry fees nor reading fees here! Guidelines have been updated for the 2001 contests so please read fully prior to entering.


Table of Contents
1.  I think continually...
     by John Fox
17.  There Is An Origin
      by John Fox
2.  Return of the Light
     by Julie Cederberg
18.  Earth Receives the Night
      by Carrington MacDuffie
3.  Breaker Wall
     by Kara Fell
19.  Tree Tree Tree
      Art by Hawk
4.  Raven #2...
     Photos by Coral Hull
20.  Emptiness
      by Mary Harrison
5.  Second Anniversary
     by Linda Lisowski
21.  Sitting on the Patio...
      by Mary Harrison
6.  One Day and the Next
     by Alan Gann
22.  Recovery List
      by Mary Harrison
7.  Long Before Courage
     by John Fox
23.  My Brother's Bed
      by Jared Gullage
8.  The Mighty Pine
     by Cree Wolf
24.  my heart
      by Rebecca Page
9.  Seeds
     by Danielle Boss
25.  4 Unkie
      by Kara L.C. Jones
10.  Snowstorm
      by Aidan Baker
26.  Mom
      by Janie Moore

11.  Wish
      by Julie Cederberg

27.  Emerging
      by C. E. Lennon
12.  Ice Cave
      Photo by Todd Schneider
28.  Epitaph for Another Day
      by Lou Faber
13.  Solstice Tai Chi
      by Malama MacNeil
29.  Ain't No Porsche
      by Janet I. Buck
14.  Sparkle
      by Katie McAllaster Weaver
30.  Wile E Giuseppe Gazpacho...
      by Dana Gerringer
15.  this past turkey day
      by David Sutton
31.  Stars Fall
      by Kara Fell
16.  Poetry Never Forgets
      by Tim Hulley
32.  My "Friend," Mr. Anxiety
      by Mark Allen

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