This Just In: Support the Food Bank and have fun doing it!!! Kat Eggleston in concert, here on Vashon, Sunday, August 1st, 6:30pm, tickets $12 at Books By the Way!!! Don't miss it!! Maybe she'll even sing "All the Sh*t In My Purse" for us!!!! For more info, email [More about the Good Folks series is included below in this issue!]


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Earthfair!!! will be there with our own booth for the entire weekend. They have soooooo much good music planned. So many environmentally aware displays, healers offering sessions, and good food, too. Paradise Ridge, August 6-8th -- check it out!!!


Madrona needs a yurt!!

For the upcoming school year, Madrona Primary School needs a yurt -- if you know of one for sale, please contact them. Also, if you can donate items or dollars toward the school's efforts, please be in touch with them!!!!


Turner Down: They are at it again!!!

Saturday, 08/7/04
12:30pm, Main Stage
Island Earth Fair - Vashon Island, WA
Turner Down: Funk with Spunk, and rocking the Free World! Drop in for an early afternoon of sun and good clean family fun. And don't forget to wear your hemp sandals...

Friday, 08/13/04
7:30pm - 10:00pm
Cafe Luna - Vashon Island, WA
Brent Magstadt, one member of Turner Down, in a rare solo performance, an evening of Acoustic Music. Brent will be playing a mix of pieces this evening with an emphasis on original acoustic tunes, with possible guests as well.

Thursday, 08/19/04
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Ober Park - Vashon Island, WA
Turner Down: Funk with Spunk live in Ober Park, Vashon Island. Great place for a summer evening concert. Bring a picnic and a chair and all your kids, dogs, cats, rats, bats, lizards, guinea pigs, hogs, wolves, orcas, llamas, asses (asses??), and any other wildlife critters you may have hanging out...

Two Great Band, One good Cause. Turner Down and Great Rain will be playing on Friday, August 26th from 6 to 11pm at Casa de Mi-Ko to "Get the Shrub out of the White House"!!!! $10 gets you in the door for a fun evening dedicated to a regime change. Benefits go to and the BackBone Campaign and elect John & John. Bring your lawn chairs, a picnic to share, a warm sweater, your dancin' shoes, and your checkbook!! Time to STOP THE BUSH*T! For more information, contact

This schedule is also available at:


Have you seen any whales??

Our own local Orca Annie is assisting local orca research by reporting all whale sightings. The Vashon Hydrophone Project for Puget Sound Orca Research is sponsored by Puget Sound Chapter of the American Cetacean Society. They are gathering info, doing educational presentation, and listening to Orca calls! AND YOU CAN HELP!!! If you see whales, note when, where, direction they are travelling, how many you see, and anything notable about their behavior -- then call or email Orca Annie!!! 206-463-9041 or


Serial release only at KotaPress!!
Transcending Time, Part 2

Our own Joan M. McCabe has just released Part 2 of her novel, Transcending Time, which is the sequel to Tapestry of Time, and you can only read it here!!!

Click here to read Part 2 of Transcending Time!!!

Part 3 will be posted next month...look for it!!!

For more information about Joan, see


Reflective Blue Signs from VIFD

We sent in our $10 last year. Never got our sign. Then we moved and I forgot all about it. At Strawberry Fest, we stopped at the Fire Department booth and learned that we can still get out sign. Last year, when they were first overwhelmed with orders, some just never got processed. So you can call the Business Office up there 206-463-2405 and inquire about your never-arrived sign -- or order one for the first time. Be safe, Be seen -- have your location marked with one of the reflective blue and white signs today!!!!


Check out IsleWilde!!!!

This year's community arts celebration is happening August 20-22, 2004 with workshop orientation on Aug 4 and workshops from August 7-17th!!! Check out their site at and then be there!!


Good Folks Concert Series

This cool concert series is being sponsored by the Havurah Ee Shalom and bring awesome artists right here for us to see, while funds raised benefit island non-profits. The first Kat Eggelston concert was GREAT!!! Now don't miss the next ones:

Please note:
Sept 12, Christine Kate at the Havurah - CANCELLED

October 24:
Tim Grimm in double bill with Mark Graham & Orville Johnson at the Havurah
A benefit for Vashon Youth & Family Services.

Good Folks concert series tickets are available at Book By The Way!! For more information, email inquiries to



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