This Just In: HennaHealing will be at Cafe Luna for Strawberry Festival on Saturday, July 10th, around 4pm-ish until either we run out of henna or Kara's fingers fall off! :) You can now check out Cafe Luna events online anytime at!!! HennaHealing will also be at Earthfair this year, so come check us out there, or be in touch if you want to schedule another summer henna session!!

Turner Down: Vashon at its best!

Hawk & I have yet to see a Turner Down show that isn't fun, funny, lively, just the coolest Vashon night out!!! Turner Down is: Luke McQuillin (guitars), Jack Barbash (keys), Fletcher Andrews (kit, etc), Doug Ringer (bass), and Brent Magstadt (guitars). They often play at Cafe Luna and other local sites. They've been known to play in support of cool things like the Back Bone Campaign!!! And we hear rumor that they'll be playing a Strawberry Festival!! Wanna get on their mailing list??? Email or check out their site at:!!!!


Hawk's Photography at Cafe Luna!

The opening night of Hawk's new show of photography at Cafe Luna was great fun!!!! Many thanks to all of you who stopped by and to those of you who have purchased pieces! The show will be hung there for the entire month of June, so if you missed the opening, just stop by the Cafe any time. Take your Strawberry Fest guests to check it out. Make sure you enjoy one of those chocolate JavaFrosts or one of their new, yummy Vanilla Freezies!!! Yummy and artful! Life doesn't get better than it is on Vashon!!!


Henna Healing Donates Session

Excited to tell you that Kara donated a private henna session to Madrona Primary School for their silent auction! Felt great to support the awesome work they are doing for our island kids. And, HEY, if you are an artist or baker or massage therapist or have some other talent to offer, contact them and add an item to their next auction!!!!


Serial release only at KotaPress!!
Transcending Time, Part 1

Our own Joan M. McCabe has just released Part 1 of her novel, Transcending Time, which is the sequel to Tapestry of Time, and you can only read it here!!!

Click here to read Part 1 of Transcending Time!!!

And don't forget to come back next month for Part 2...

For more information about Joan, see


Curves: Controversy before "the" controversy

I keep hearing about CURVES and their national office giving money to the Bush campaign -- which sucks.  BUT I'd like to just play devil's advocate and suggest that the controversy about CURVES started with it just opening and being popular in general.  I mean, really, if a club opened here that was "men only" or "whites only" wouldn't there be controversy about segregation and how segregation is suppose to be illegal.  I mean don't get me wrong -- I marched for women's rights, I've given money to Planned Parenthood, I'm a choice-platform kinda grrrrrl, but really, the "women only" thing is just a backlash that has gone too far.  I've experienced segregation and racism first-hand since marrying Hawk -- yes, we have been to places where we are not welcome because we are a "mixed" couple.  So how in the world, as a woman who believes in EQUAL rights, could I think that "women only" is okay?  If we accept "only" this and "only" that -- then we aren't talking about equal anything anymore...  I don't know...  don't mean to deconstruct without offering any constructive ideas to balance the discussion...  but I've been getting lots of emails about the CURVES stuff and wondered why no one is looking at the real controversy??


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