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By Corey & Abby, brother & sister of Angel Nora

Editor's note:
A very big thank you to Corey and Abby, brother and sister to Angel Nora, who took time out of their summertime fun to do the following book reviews for us!!

When Death Walks In, by Mark Scrivani, ISBN# 1-56123-012-X

Review by Corey
The best part of this book is that it addresses feelings I felt when my sister died.  The first part of the book dealt with everything you experience when a loved one dies. It tells you that the feelings are normal and even good to have , but to not let the feelings control you. It tells you that you don’t have to be strong, that you can face your feelings. The book talks about sadness, anger, guilt and confusion. It teaches you how to sort out your feelings, even how to have happiness during grief. This book is mainly for teenagers and it would help them to understand their feelings and how to deal with them the right way. My favorite part of the book would be the feelings section. It helped me to realize that I am not alone and that my feelings have all been okay. It showed me how to use my grief in a better way. I also liked that it went deeper than the five stages of grief.  What I didn’t like about the book would be that the author thinks the way you live your life is the way you will grieve. I don’t think the feelings you have before you experienced a loss determines the way you will feel afterwards. I think it is different for everyone. Overall it was a very good book for teenagers who lost a loved one and will help them through this.

Fire in My Heart, Ice in my Veins, by Enid Samuel-Traisman, M.S.W., ISBN# 1-56123-056-1

Review by Corey
I really struggled with this book. This book brought up a lot of emotions that I wasn’t ready for. This book is a workbook with questions about your loved one and how you are feeling. It asks some really difficult questions and really makes you think. I think that this book is harder for those who did not spend time with their loved one, for example my sister died right before she was born. There are many things that I didn’t get to do with her so the questions made me sad over what I didn’t get. But the book does make you put your feelings on paper and describe your life with and without your loved one.  I realized that this book addresses things that I have been avoiding over the past six years. I think in time, after I complete the book, it will help me to understand more about my personal feelings. I think it will definitely help those who are struggling.

Everett Anderson’s Goodbye, by Lucille Clifton, ISBN# 0-8050-0800-4

Review by Corey
This book helped me realize what I was feeling when Nora first died and I was only seven. I didn’t understand what I was feeling.  I went through the emotions so fast I couldn’t recognize them. I think it would help younger kids know what they are feeling when their loved one dies.  I liked how the book categorized the different stages into his daily life.  I like how the book reminds you that you can still love a person after they died, they will always be in their heart. It shows Everett going on with life but still remembering his father.

Review by Abby
This book really helped me because I understood how I can take care of my grief a little better than I do. It talked about my feelings I had when Nora died. I thought I could be good and bring Nora back or I thought I could do magic to bring her back. I still always hope it was a bad dream. This book would help other kids because they would understand what they are feeling and to ask adults for help. I liked how Everett was like me. The best advice was how Everett realized in the end love doesn’t stop when the person you love dies.

We were Gonna Have a Baby, but We had an Angel Instead, by Pat Schwiebert, ISBN 0-9724241-1-3

Review by Corey
This book is for very little children who don’t fully understand whats going on. This book will be helpful in many ways. First, it shows them how their parents and other family members are feeling. It also shows little children that they are not alone when their baby sister or brother doesn’t live. The book really touched me because it was exactly what I went through with my moms pregnancy with Nora. I loved how they showed the baby as an angel traveling with their brother, it was so sweet.

Review by Abby
When I first read this book, I was like wow because it was exactly like what happened to me. Mom had always said she would always live in our hearts. I think it would help other kids with their grief because they could always remember the baby that died and remember that they are still a big brother or big sister.. They can remember that the baby will always be in their hearts. It helped me because I know that an angel is always with me wherever I go. The best part about the book is the pictures. I loved the little angel that was always there with the little boy. I liked the book a lot.

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