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By Kara L.C. Jones,
KotaPress Editor.

With the aftermath of the infamous September 11th came a whole wave of grief that seemed to come over everyone I knew. At the MISS Foundation, Joanne Cacciatore and Jana Vorhis decided that there had to be something we could all do to reach out and offer support to all the children who lost parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents in the terroist attacks.

The MISS Foundation already housed and continues to offer an entire section of bereavement support for kids and their care givers at

with one of the resources there being The Kaleidoscope of Grief: When Children Experience Death which is an interactive book for children ages 7 and up. Joanne and Jana decided to use this book as the basis for creating disaster relief packets that the MISS Foundation would send for free to the children who lost loved ones on September 11th.

To this day, any of us can sponsor packets that are sent out free to any child who is touched by grief, not just from September 11th attacks, but from any circumstance. You can see more about sponsorship and details about items in the packets at:

You'll see they have packet for young children as well as packet for teenagers. It's a most worthy cause to support -- and they are non-profit if you are looking for that kind of charity information as well.

In the main section of the Kids area on the MISS site, you'll also find that they are offering free PDF copies of the books "Daddy, What Color Is Death?" as well as the Kaleidoscope book in both English and Spanish language versions. These ebook version of the books are not for re-sale, but are made available so that families may access the resources directly in an electronic format.

If you have questions about the MISS Foundation or to find out more about them, please take a surf around their site at today.

About the Author

Kara has been using poetry and other expressive arts tools on the grief journey since the death of her son in 1999. Her poetic and non-fiction works have been included in publications such as New Works Review, PoetsWest, Real Henna, Shared Heart Foundation's "Meant To Be", LightHearts Publication's "Soul Trek", MISSing Angels Newsletter, American Tanka, Mother Tongue Ink's We'Moon, Honored Babies, Cup of Comfort series, and more. She is a Carnegie Mellon graduate who co-founded KotaPress with her husband Hawk Jones. Her books "Mrs. Duck and the Woman" as well as "Flash of Life" have both been released thru KotaPress. She is currently in an apprenticeship working toward Master level of Reiki. And she founded where she is exploring the ancient art of henna and its uses for ritual and healing.

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