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by Kara L.C. Jones
KotaPress Editor

My Own Experiences

Over the years since my son died, I've come across Project Linus many times. Sometimes there were fundraisers we were invited to attend. Other times families told us of outreach support they'd received from this organization. Often other caregivers were sharing stories with me about how amazing Project Linus artist are and how generous their hearts.

For me personally, I was looking for local information on Project Linus to try and get some Tiny Baby Sets to local hospitals. In my email exchanges, I connected with a woman named Roxy. She and I had several synchronistic moments that surprised us both. In the exchange, she ended up deciding to make a memory item for our Kota and the Mrs. Duck Project. I didn't know exactly what it would be, and I was so overwhelmed with her generosity and kindness when I opened the box to find this:

Needless to say, I am forever grateful to Roxy for her work on this pillow, and it holds a special place in our home forever!

Tiny Baby Sets

The search for information about Tiny Baby Sets turned out to be amazing, too. Nancy Grayson, Joel's mom, over at the Idaho MISS group created a great partnership with the Idaho Project Linus folks to make Tiny Baby Sets for bereaved families. These sets have an outer wrapping blanket and a small inner blanket. The baby can be buried or cremated in the wrapping blanket and the smaler inner blanket is given to the parents to keep.

In looking for Project Linus folks in various states to create these for local MISS chapters, I connected with Donna in Idaho who graciously shared her PDF file with pattern, photos, and contact information included. You can see that here:

Tiny Baby Set Directions - PDF file

Find Project Linus Near You

You can see full information about Project Linus on their National site at:

And you'll see there a listing of state chapters, patterns for other kinds of blankets and sets, and much more. Their "blanketeers" offer quilts and such to bereaved parents, bereaved siblings, to kids battling cancer, and those otherwise enduring trauma. Blankets are usually given via their local chapters or local hospitals and support groups. Check out their site for information on who is "blanketing" in your area!!

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