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I so wish this book had been handed to me when my son died. Charles & Ciepielinski are
both bereaved parents and facilitators for the MISS Foundation. Their collaboration on this book shows the breadth and depth of the work they've done over the years in their own families and in working with others. The 56 pages are worth their weight in gold. They cover everything from funeral & memorial planning to helping surviving siblings; from announcements to thank you cards; from support for parents to tips on how family, friends, caregivers can actually be helpful! Wonderful, thorough resource! Totally recommend it for every caregiver as well as families themselves.

From Heidi & Trina

We have combined the best suggestions, ideas, information, poetry, books, music, resources, and more, in a comprehensive 56 page resource. When A Child Dies is for newly bereaved parents and the professionals, clergy, community volunteers, and friends and family who support them.

This book contains much of what we have learned in the years following the death of our own children. It is composed of the details we wish we would have known then, and feel compelled to share now with others. The options that every grieving parent should know about and the resources they may need to survive the weeks, months, and years to come.

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You'll find sample sections of various chapters and information on how to order the book.

We cover all the basic details that families need to know, but we also discuss the things that no one else do you pick a cemetery? do you talk to children about death?...what can concerned family and friends really do to help? it crazy to take pictures?...where can you order music that will arrive in less than 48 hours?...Do you really need to write thank you notes?...Is it unacceptable to send a birth announcement? ... how do I find a good counselor?...and on and on.

We have no doubt that the information we have collected in this book is very much needed by newly bereaved parents and those who support them. We knew it needed to be done, and done really well. We believe we have accomplished that, but unless we can get this book to the people who need it, it will be of little help.

Those who may find this book useful include religious leaders, social workers, OB & ER nurses, physicians, funeral directors, counselors, community volunteers, bereaved parents, their close friends, families, etc..

Thank you for your help, support and encouragement.

For those who are MISSed,

Heidi Ciepielinski
MISS Infant Loss Support Group Leader and MISS Volunteer

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