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Compiled by Kara L.C. Jones, KotaPress Editor
and Katie Smith, KotaPress Co-Editor

Sometimes the support is needed at 3am when you can't sleep. Calling a therapist or one of your in-person group members at that hour may not be possible. So many parents I know turn to online forums for 24/7 support. We hope this list will prove to a reliable place for you to start finding online support. If you find a link that is broken or know of a group that should be included here, please email us!

Friends Along the Road offers non-judgemental support that is well run by Lilli's parents Dave and Judy. When other forums have decided that some people are "too much to handle", Friends Along the Road takes a soundly non-judgemental approach to all who reach out here:

Sandy who is also author of the book Love Never Dies, now offers forums and live chat discussions as support options...

Liz & Ethan from A Small Victory are now offering forums for parents to find one another online and offer support to each other. They are making every effort to create safe space there, so you are required to sign up for an account in order to participate!

And Cherri Miele, Mommie of Chris, founded the group My Child Loss Grief: Sharing REAL Grief Issues and moderates with a team of people at:

Irene, Mommie of Thalia Samile Morton, offers a yahoo support group online called With Love And Angel Feathers. Irene moderates and the group is active with members who are all bereaved parents. You can check out their group at:

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