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by Diana Gardner-Williams, Founder of Just A Cloud Away

September 28, 2003 our first born son Tanner was born quiet and still, due to a cord accident. The intense grieving was then tripled when my 2 early pregnancy losses came to fruition. My dark days clouded the entire picture of my life.

After attending a healing retreat, a glimmer of sun illuminated my new path. My adrenaline exploded and all I could do was create artwork to memorialize my children. Memory gardens, drawings, cards, and scrapbooks.

My new vision of hope included seeing my children in heaven. Scrapbook products were limited to none pertaining to early pregnancy and infant loss. My children inspired me to create Just a Cloud Away scrapbook kits and support website.

The kits were designed to use with or without pictures and provide hope to be reunited again. Families can share in the activity to create the legacy of children that left too soon. The heaven and earth page was designed to include living and deceased members for a new family portrait. The “Certificate of Love” page is to replace the death certificate and create a personal documentation of the importance of your babies life. We can use the certificate to document names, dates, poems or words that express our undying love.


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