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Reiki is an alternative bodywork therapy based on the founding principles of Dr. Usui. You will of course find some who call it all "new age hooey," but you will also find many who feel Reiki is a useful tool.

For me, my own personal path with Reiki came when I met Master Jeanne Robinson on Vashon Island. After my first sessions with her, she told me she would be teaching Level One soon and asked if I'd like to attend. A whole world opened up to me as I progressed through Reiki one, two, and into apprenticeship for Master. In particular, distance Reiki began having profound impacts on people I knew and would work with over long distances.

Now I don't claim to heal anyone, nor even that Reiki in general can heal anyone or anything. It is not a substitute for getting all the other medical or alternative care one might need for whatever they deal with along the way.

It is just that for me, Reiki has proven to be one effective tool I've discovered while on my grief and transformation path. I use it as readily on myself as on others. I use it as often as I use other things like writing, making art, attending support group or getting peer support from other bereaved parents.

So, maybe you would find it to be a useful tool on your path, too. Here are some resources to get your investigation and exploration started!

International Center for Reiki Training
While there are many ways to get training and learn Reiki, William Lee Rand has created a very thorough resource on this website including things like articles, stories, dvd trainings, the Reiki magazine, and more. I find something interesting and exciting every time I visit this site!

The Reiki Page
Interface on the design of this site can make it look a little cumbersome and the Google AdWords side bar might make you think it's just a commercial endeavor. BUT it's really full of good information including book reviews, history of Reiki, practioners, symbols, hand positions and more.

Clean site, lots of information from Teri Barnett Moore about Reiki, forums, yoga, art items, newsletter, and very cool ReikiOne Press thru where she offers her Reiki Manuals for sale!

International Association of Reiki Professionals
This site gets to be leaning toward the commercial side, offering paid memberships, insurance coverage, etc. with no really personal face to it, nothing really in-depth shared anywhere. It has its place in the world, of course. And they do have some good basic articles.

Wikipedia's take on Reiki
And then of course you can check out the Wikipedia take on Reiki which is pretty openly cynical, full of disregard, and swayed toward the "hooey" end of the scale. But I figure some people will have the same point of view as what is shared here anyway. So to be balanced in what I'm offering on this page, I may as well give links to the full range of information about Reiki that's out there. You can decide whatever is right for you!

About the Author

Kara has been using poetry and other expressive arts tools on the grief journey since the death of her son in 1999. Her poetic and non-fiction works have been included in publications such as New Works Review, PoetsWest, Real Henna, Shared Heart Foundation's "Meant To Be", LightHearts Publication's "Soul Trek", MISSing Angels Newsletter, American Tanka, Mother Tongue Ink's We'Moon, Honored Babies, Cup of Comfort series, and more. She is a Carnegie Mellon graduate who co-founded KotaPress with her husband Hawk Jones. She is currently in an apprenticeship working toward Master level of Reiki. And she founded where she is exploring the ancient art of henna and its uses for ritual and healing.

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