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By Kara L.C. Jones, KotaPress Editor
and Katie D. Smith, KotaPress Co-Editor

When the tragic loss of a baby occurs, attention for care and support is often given to parents, as where grieving grandparents may often be forgotten about. Their hearts are heavy and sad not only for the loss of their precious grandbaby, but also for the pain their children are enduring from such tragedy. Bereaved grandparents deserve to have a network for support during such trying times. Many times they take on the responsibility of caring for their adult children's needs for comfort as they grieve; yet, grandparents are in need of similar comfort. I applaud all grandparents that have given their whole hearts to their children that have experienced a loss. My only hope is that more support becomes readily available to such devoted people. They deserve a voice!

My mom has been extremely supportive for me, since I lost my son, Charles. I can't ever thank her enough for all she has done and has continued to do in her grandbaby's memory and honor. I know it has been a long and difficult road for her...for both of us. I'll always be here for her even if she just needs a warm hug. We will always grieve the loss of our Charles. We will forever miss him.

Charles' Grandma wrote the following letter to him. It was our first Christmas without Charles:

To my dear Charles Christopher,
a beloved & wonderful Grandson.
You are in my thoughts & prayers.
I know you are safe and loved in the arms of the lord,
While your Mom & I celebrate Christmas.
You will always be a part of me; after all, you have my chin!
I'll always love you!
Love, Grandma

If you know of an organization that offers support to grieving grandparents, we would like to know. Please contact KotaPress with information to such organizations. The following are some links to sites that offer support for bereaved grandparents:

Missing Our GrandAngels - Yahoo Group for Grandparents:
This group was sent into us by one of the founders, Donna, Zach's Grandma. She assures me that their group is open to grandparents who are bereaved after death of a child due to any cause, including miscarriage or stillbirth. People are not excluded based on cause of death. When you go to join, you will be asked to first communicate with the moderator to let them know a bit about your situation. They do this as a way to keep safe space. They seem to be a very active group with lots of discussion and messages. Check it out -- see if it fits for you.

Grieving Grandparents:
An online email support group for grandparents that grieve the loss of a grandchild. ***KotaPress Editor's Note: BE WARNED: The owner of this group has told us in writing via email that she does not acknowledge death caused by miscarriage or stillbirth to be "child death"!!!! While we do not agree with her position at all, we have met some wonderful grandparents via this list, so we continue to list it here. But the owner of this group and memorial walls she runs do NOT list miscarried or stillborn children because she told us, in writing via email, it was not "child death".***

Griefworks BC~Support in British Columbia
Resourceful Articles for Grieving Grandparents

Alliance of Grandparents, A Support in Tragedy

An all volunteer organization dedicated to helping grandparents through the trauma, stress and grief after the loss of a grandchild. Offers many resources to help grandparents. I know this group is open to grandparents whose grandchildren died due to any cause because my own mom, a stillbirth grandma, has gotten and given support thru AGAST!! ***Editor's Note: KotaPress' highest rating and recommendation for AGAST!!!!****

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