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Recommended by KotaPress: Forgotten Tears by Nina Bennett

Forgotten Tears:
A Grandmother's Journey Through Grief

By Nina Bennett
ISBN 1-59113-764-0
available at

This is an amazing resource for bereaved grandparents, but also for anyone touched by the death of a child. Bennett has taken us through her own experience of grief after the stillbirth of her granddaughter Maddy by sharing journal excerpts *and* her thorough research into grief support sources. She offers ideas and quotes from so many, both paper and electronic resources! She covers every topic you can imagine, including ones you'd never realized needed to be covered.

For instance, even me, as a bereaved parent myself, never even thought to address the ambiguous and difficult feelings bereaved grandparents might feel with surviving grandchildren. But Bennett covers the topic with honesty and skill. She addresses the obvious dual stress for grandparents: worry about their own children (now bereaved parents) and grief for the dead grandchild. She also offers insight into the needs for self-care as grandparents move through all this.

Just very well done. Highly recommended!

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