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Seattle Local Chapter of M.I.S.S.

This Just In:
Meetings are now held on Vashon Island.

Seattle M.I.S.S.
Monthly Meeting

3rd weekend of each month
Call Kara or Hawk for full information 206-251-6706
or email Kara at info@kotapress.com with your query

We are currently looking for volunteers for our Board. The Board meets once a month for a half hour meeting. Particularly we need help from members who might wish to help with outreach efforts and fundraising ideas. Please call us if you are interested in volunteering in any way. We need your help to keep this chapter alive!

Feel free to contact Kara at 206-251-6706 with questions or comments about the Seattle Chapter.

We also offer support via email and phone. Feel free to call Kara at the above number or send email to us with your questions, stories, rants, raves, comments, reactions, hellos. We wish to offer outreach to as many as possible in as many ways as possible. Thanks.

M.I.S.S.ion Statement

There is no more devastating human experience than the death of a child. The trinity of our organization is supported by a core staff of volunteers, families and professionals, who have been touched by the untimely death of an infant, toddler, or young child.

The trinity of our mission begins with immediate and ongoing psychosocial support to the grieving child, parents, and grandparents after the ultimate tragedy- a child family members death. The family unit is at grave risk for long term adverse effects when not properly supported through this horror. The second aspect of our organization is to educate, empower, and support the medical professional affected by this type of tragedy. We offer retreats, conferences, and professional training accredited for ceu/cme. Finally, the MISS Foundation supports medical research targeted to acheiving the long term objectives of our organization. We hope to reduce infant and child mortality rates with research, education, and awareness campaigns.

MISS is committed to the memory of the children who lived, who died, and who continue - even in death - to matter.

We are an all volunteer, nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization.

For further information call Kara at 206-251-6706.



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