Sarah's Story of Grace
MISS mom published in Imagine Magazine

In the Spring 2005 issue of Imagine Magazine, readers will find an essay by Sarah Bain titled "Defining Moment: The Gifts of Grace." In the essay, Bain shares the story of her daughter Grace and explores the world of one bereaved family. This is very much an affirmation of life, though the central pin of the story revolves around Grace's death. Also in the Bridge Directory in the back of the print version of the magazine, there is information about the MISS Foundation, the group for which Bain volunteers and facilitates support group in the Spokane area. The print magazine can be found at Barnes & Noble, some Borders, Books A Milliong, Hastings.

It is also available online (though the e-version does not include the poem nor the Directory information), and you can see that at:

Congrats to Sarah on this publication -- and many thanks to Grace for the gifts she continues to give us!T

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