Dark Story/ Light Story
by Laura Curtis

What hurts inside

is when I think of everything

we lost when you died.

We had no idea

how deep the pain would cut,

how long the tears would fall,

and how hard it would be to see others

enjoying what was taken from us

on that beautiful winter morning,

when life became death.


They call it SIDS,

but we have no idea why or what

really happened that day.

Now, almost three years later,

we only know

that you are gone.


What brings me emotional balance

is knowing that you were here.

Knowing that I will forever be your mother,

and you will always be my son.

The time we had together

can never be taken,

never replaced.

As I reflect upon what we shared,

I hope to touch others

as you touched me.



as we celebrate your third birthday on Wednesday,

I will look to the heavens and know,

We will always be together.

I will continue to look to you

for guidance and support

as I send my love to you.

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