The children that I almost had.
by Stephanie Marottek

A joyous occasion,
laughter all around
watching people laughing
and listening to the sound.
Sitting in the midst
of the the smiles and noise,
I hold my breath,
hold back the tears and hold my poise.
Slowly it all blurs and
starts to fade away,
as I think of how very
different if should be on this day.
My children that have died
come into my mind's eye
and I think of what it's be like
"If only they were here", I sigh.
Life would be so different
as I return to this day,
the laughter adn the smiles
and all the nice things to say.
A joyous occsion
momentarily marred and sad
by my remembering
the children that I almost had.

Inspired by Christine

About the Author
Mom to Amanda Joy & Baby Bean.

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