Update from the TEARS Foundation
from Sarah Slack

Dear Friends,

Thank you for supporting The TEARS Foundation last year, as it was able to financially assist 8 families to pay for the cost of their babies' funeral expenses.

Now we are gearing up for a new year, and our first major fundraising event in '05.

First, we will be holding the Mariners guest groundskeeper raffle once again. The winner of the raffle last year was Sue Christilaw of Spokane, and she had an absolute blast being the guest groundskeeper during a Mariners game!

Once again we will be selling raffle tickets for $1 a piece, and the winner of the Mariner's raffle will be an honorary groundskeeper during a Mariners game in July 2005 (date to be decided by winner and head groundskeeper). Winner will help set up batting practice, help w/ pregame preparation, help drag the infield between 3rd & 6th innings and take the bases in after the game, as well as watch the game from near the dugouts. Winner also receives two (100) level tickets for friends/family to come and watch them during the game! Value is $500 and the memories...priceless. Please support The TEARS Foundation by either purchasing raffle tickets, or selling some to your co-workers, friends and family.

So far, TEARS has not had to turn any family away that has needed assistance during their time of great sorrow, and we hope to do the same this year.

If you would like to support us in the Mariners raffle fundraising event, please email me. The raffle will run from Feb.1st 2005- April 30, 2005.

Thank you for your continued support in 2005!

Sarah Slack-President
The TEARS Foundation

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