Placenta Pathology
from a Kota Reader

Editor's note: One of our Kota readers sent us an email about what we thought was an amazing experience. This reader gave us permission to post the following information from her email which has been edited to give the essential information and to protect the privacy of those involved. Hope it might help others who are searching for answers after pregnancy loss!!

This amazing pathologist studies pregnancy loss tissue in hopes of finding a cause which, in turn, could help in prevention of future losses.  She found out [our child] died due to a virus...She said that unfortunately many viruses do not have any symptoms...thus not way to [have] prevent[ed] it unless I had an immune disorder which meant they would have looked for it...[for the next pregnancy] requesting extra blood work just to rule it out...I am glad we have answers [and]...hope with this knowledge, we can hopefully prevent any future losses... Obviously she can't make guarantees because there are NONE in pregnancy!  ... Anyway, I thought you might find this interesting.  Her website is:

She is one of very few in the country who have dedicated their profession to the study of placental tissues from lost pregnancies.  She is pretty amazing.

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