Don't have $s to give...then...
compiled by Joan McCabe

Anyone frustrated about not being able to give towards the Tsunami Relief?
You *can* do something, sitting right there at your computer!
Go to: - you can click once every day and it (sponsor-paid donations) goes towards the Mercy Corps efforts for Tsunami Victims.

If you've got an extra minute on line you can also click on the buttons on the bottom of the Thank You page that link you to the:  - free mammograms  - towards restoring vision to blind children, helping child amputees to walk, preventing life threatening diseases, etc.  -free books  - save rainforest land & it's endangered species - feed pets in shelters but wait! there's more - - two buttons on the left side of the page, click to save the rain forest and also feed chimpanzees - links on the right side of the page for the rain forest big cats (tigers, etc) save their habitats sea life (otters, whales, etc.) Jane Goodall's primates, sponsor children in need, to the humane society for animal checkups
domestic violence - donates towards stopping violence against women, ending breast cancer

Just imagine if you and all your friends spend a minute out of your day to click on the above sites, how much that would generate towards these causes? I've been clicking on these sites every day since 9/11... my small gesture towards a better world

If you've gotten excited about clicking, try:  This site has causes I've not found elsewhere! There you can click to -
stop AIDS
support the arts
defeat cancer
children's health
promote education
protect the environment
house the homeless
end hunger

There, now don't you feel better that you can do something towards these worthy causes? Without opening your wallet and letting the moths out? And - if you have dialup - you can click on these *and* play solitaire at the same time!!! If you've dsl - these sites take milliseconds to visit, and yet has such a far-reaching effect!

Joan Joan M. McCabe, CPC
Life Transformations Unlimited

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