Resources For Bereaved Grandparents
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Maddy's Grandma Is Writing a Book!

Maddy was stillborn after a full term, healthy pregnancy. Maddy's Grandmother, Nina Bennett, is writing a book about how grandparents experience this kind of grief and loss, titled Forgotten tears:  A Grandmother's Journey Through Grief.  She wrote to say the following:

If you think any of your online chat/support group members would be interested in talking to a grieving grandmother, or sharing their mother's journey, please feel free to share my e-mail address.  I am willing to provide any other information requested...Thanks so much for your time and consideration. Peace,
Nina, Maddy's grammy
Nina Bennett


The New AGAST Newsletter is out!

Here is the link to 4th Quarter 2004 AGAST Newsletter:


Lee, Connor's Nana


Forums for Grandparents

Grandparents board at MISS

Grandparents boards at AGAST

Yahoo Groups search for "Grandparents grandchild died" gives back three groups... Please note that we here at KotaPress are not directly members of these groups and offer this link just as informational, not as endorsement. Always check out resources for yourself and if something isn't right, don't use it! Keep looking till you find a resource that meets your needs!

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