Poem from Gerri
by Gerri

Ah, Morgause, your life was all to brief
I have cried what must be a million tears, lamented, tormented over the loss of you
I am angry at fate, happy to have been your mother
But your story shall not end here...
I shall tell of you to all who will listen, and those who will not
I shall howl it to the wind
I shall sing it to the birds, bleet it to the sheep
I shall remind the tree of life the year fall came all to early
I shall push my fingers into the soil and remind it of the treasure it possesses.
I shall gaze at the stars and will them to remember
I shall scream it to the heavens
I shall whisper it into the ears of my babes and they into theirs
All who carry my bloodline shall know of you, what we have lost in you
I shall make you Immortal, Morgause, you shall live on in the memories of
others long after I am gone
They shall know we were visited by a heavenly being, an angel, if you will
How lucky am I to have been in your gaze, your thoughts, your arms
For how many will wait a lifetime to touch that much of heaven

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