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Editor's note: Many bereaved parents have communicated with us here at KotaPress along the way. Some of them have shared stories where they have encountered caregivers who quickly wanted to put them on anti-depressant medications during grief. Now, for some people, this is totally appropriate and works out just fine. For others, this is not the appropriate solution -- OR it isn't the entire solution. We recently discovered an organization that promotes not only drug options, but also other alternative options, in the effort to empower each individual with the capacity to choose their own path. Check it out:

In terms of our own work [at www.MindFreedom.org], we unite 100 grassroots groups, but ... we mainly rely on people power of our members... We do not promote any one alternative -- we are more about the importance of self-determination, empowerment and choice... many of our members of course do use peer mutual support as a key part of their recovery.

In support,

David Oaks, Director, MindFreedom

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