4 Tanka Poems
by Maureen Bush

These poems have been previously published by: Blackwidows Web of Poetry, 2003

by Maureen Bush

Girthed ring bearers

Tall trees in forest command

All primordial

Watching time before our time

Spewed pods process life once more

Red Ochre
by Maureen Bush

Such precious poultice

Sacred ointment of the dead

Holy anointment

Ancient palaces inscribed

Revered Shaman to apply

Ancient River Nile
by Maureen Bush

Carrier of Kings

Gateway to royal graveyard


Causeway to stately chambers

Empires join Osiris


by Maureen Bush

Carrion carcass

Feasting maggots can't dissuade

Eaters of the dead

Pulling, prodding, ripping flesh

Reptilian Komodo

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