Mrs. Duck is in Spanish!!
from KotaPress

We are so excited to tell you that the book Mrs. Duck and The Woman is now available in the Spanish language!!

Thanks to a sponsorship from Dana Southworth, made in honor of her daughter Kylie, we were able to print the first 50 copies of the Spanish language version. Those books have been sent to Dana in Arizona to be distributed in local hospitals.

We were also able to print 50 copies of the Spanish version for our own KotaPress stock. A several copies have gone out to Indiana, to various Washington locations, and to Pennsylvania. And we still have copies available! If you would like to purchase a copy, please be in touch with Kara at -- put "MRS. DUCK BOOK" in the subject line of your email so we are sure to see it amid all the spam!

We would like to send HUGE thanks to Carla Hoffman, Nicole Macca, and her mom Magdalena who all helped us with the translation of it! We could not have done this without you!!!

And a big thanks to our Friends of Mrs. Duck who have stuck in there and continually supported our work with the Mrs. Duck Project!! We also could not do this -- as well as the rest of the Project -- without you!!

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