by khursheedlatif

I stand there in between the tracks, wondering how!

I quit the city of birth, childhood & youthfulness,

The city,

Where clear blue spring sky

full of dazzling bright star

Tempted me ever to fish in it

The dreams of hope,

The city,

Where heavenly greenness Grows

quietly into mistiness of gold  

With the dyeing rays of the setting sun,

The city

Where the shadows when begin to land on trees,

The night crawls in slowly

Ruled by just the quietness and nothing.

Shimmering brightness of cool moonlight,

turns the sleepy town into a fairy land,

The city,

Where, whizzing air on deserted streets

Sounds like bells ringing in a temple

Far away on a high mountain.

And when the train passing at distance, whistles,

It shrieks the stillness only to bring it back,

The city,

That is the one, where I lived till,

I wake up at midnight one day

Wondering what is happening with me?

Only to realize that I am the prisoner of my own ideas.

The lingering life was stagnating,

enslaved by net of comforts,

Embalmed by what we think,

just for being,

Happening what with me??

But nothing.

And so,

Marches in the night of resurrection,

Sleepy town lays in the haze of memories,

I quit the city of birth, childhood & youthfulness.

To land up in the city of hope and ambition,

Where each and every face is just running after their hopes,

The sea of people every moment, every hour,

Nothing stops them, and nothing binds them.

The city keeps vibrating with the heavy breathing of those,

Who sweat out their dreams into reality.

They flock out to labor their ambition,

Much before, the red disc emerges out of the slumber.

 They spout out from their cemented dwellings,

To keep on pacing with the ticking needle on the dial,

As to keep their appointment with the destiny

upon reaching

That yellowish structure with a faded red tiled roof

There merge all streams coming from every nook & corner,

But steps becoming faster and faster till,

They reach the landing of the foot bridge,

And the sound of the fast local, makes them run after it,

Before it halts they invade it, the sea of bodies,

Who all look the same

Half-closed eyes, sleepy one

faces expressing nothing but,

Just twitching with hardness,

Ready to push anyone, to get a place to hang on there,

As if it is the last wish.

But I, with the dream in my eyes,

How could I close it to push anyone like them?

So I remain there between the tracks.

I quit the city of birth, childhood & youthfulness

To land up in the city of hope and ambition,

But could not join the stream.

The blaze of that night of awakening,

Kept my heart pierced with resilience,

The city of past,

Lays buried in the heart, but keeps throbbing,

And the city of future though

Remains spread ahead,

But it is there to swallow me,

How long can I stand there in between them?!!!!

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