Poetry from Salas
by Gabriella Salas

Visitations at the Headstone of Grief
by Gabriella Salas

Beauty hangs
as threadbare sweetness
to exalt itself
where wisdom
collects in aphorisms
of death's uncertainty.

Grief is dashed, put to the side.
For moments stilled
I'm silent.
Energy abounds where faint rustle
of leaves turn Autumn to grey,
yet no sad witness here
to view somber finality.

My eyelids bare no tears
to hang heavy as black widows
webbed in sorrow. Silken scarves
to drape the long neck of darkness.

Each color exudes in rivulets
where giant sun gods
dance indolence,
snubbed beneath willows
where primrose are awakened

by morning's breath.
Hushed in damp dew, yet
chilled in afterthoughts
as I remember,
headstones never grieve.

Eulogy of a Tiger Lily
by Gabriella Salas

Freckled with sepia lined
into wisps of windswept
contours, her form
dances underneath
the delicate stamen
of life's eulogy.

Fortress, wet with morning's
sigh, caught in dew drops
under anthuriums

Tiger Lily has no fear of basophile.
She is firmly erect
under tresses of gold
within her carpe diem,
where she refuses to think
of tomorrow's beginning.

Angelus in the Half Moon
by Gabriella Salas

Half moon above me,
blooms to illuminate
her pearled gown.
No fullness
for both of us tonight.
Day is long,
we are weary.
Trees search for slivers of light,
as dew upon the tranquil garden night.

Death, in his grayness
chases as fog to spread
over summer roses,
who pale in pink
shades of mourning.

Hour is long. Hands of the clock
move tirelessly into moments
with seconds that tick into infinity
of remembrance,
as I sit.

Dog outside barks,
as grief atones itself
into rhythms of reality.
My mouth mute.
Deadened as lidocaine news
with no epi pens in sight.

My anaphylactic reaction
is jerked, sporadic and full
of spasms half written
in solemn Angelus.

About the Author
Works have appeared in Locust Magazine, Skyline Publications, Kudzu Monthly, Adagio Verse Quarterly, Scorched Earth, 2Avant Quarterly, DaNaHo Muse and Underground Window.

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