MOMStudy is for ALL Moms!!
from Nancy Grayson and Kara Jones

Please, please, please do the MOMStudy or post this information wherever your can so that others will.  It means more than we can say & here's why:

Maybe we were the only MOMs in ID and WA to fill this study out? ??

Idaho & Washington State did not even measure on the study so far  - the few that came in were sorted to "other"... see MOMStudy newsletter by clicking here. (Please note: this link opens a PDF file.)

This study is for ALL MOMS  who have given birth - no matter how long ago, no matter what the birth outcome was!!!!

Please take a few minutes  to do this study that  helps identify where systems need improvement and hopefully changes can be made to reduce the high infant mortality numbers - which by the way do not include the 30 thousand plus stillborn babies each year in the US alone!!  

Help reduce the heartache -- Help bring about more successful, healthy, live births -- Help to increase the lifespans of children!!! 

Your information can help pave a way to help others.


Miracles and many thanks for your time & energy,

Nancy Grayson, Idaho MISS & Kara Jones, WA MISS

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