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Info sent in by Andrea to the Kota Yahoo Discussion Group

Editor's Note: On our Kota Yahoo Discussion Group, we try to keep our conversations and threads about things that are relevant to loss and the journey we all walk after the death of a child. For some of us that means never being able to be pregnant nor giving birth ever again. For some of us, we have the opportunity to try again for subsequent experience. To try and keep everyone feeling safe, we do things in our group like using the subject line of our posts to say "sub pg ment" or "living child ment", etc. We do this just to simply give our tender hearts a chance to know what's coming.

But for some, this kind of "warning" system can seem inhibiting as they become more focused on the subsequent birthing experience. So one of our moms sent in the following post. Thought some of you might be interested also:

(This is from Amanda, the owner) I do own a group called Gifts From Heaven. It is for those who have had a baby after a loss ... and for those who are currently pg after a  loss. We have a variety of members right now, those who are pg, those who have newborns and preeemies at home, and those like myself. I just wanted you to be aware of the group.

You're more than welcome to join if you like what the group description has to say. The group welcomes talk of both angels, pg and earth angels without the need for warnings,  scrollings, etc.

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