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After my son was stillborn, I began meeting more and more stillbirth moms who had also been diagnosed with PCOS - Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Many had no or very few symptoms prior to pregnancy. But after the stillbirths, the symptoms had exploded for many of us. One of the symptoms, unfortunately, is infertility. Some of us choose to simply deal with the PCOS. Some of us deal with it in order to get pregnant again. Most of us on constantly on the hunt for new information about this syndrome.

My mom recently emailed about a tv ad she saw for a PCOS study being done a Magee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She encouraged me to try and contact them about the study as she was unable to get all the details when the ad played. I sent a note off to Dolly Gibala at the hospital asking for more information. She fowarded my note to Kathleen Laychak who answered as follows:

From: Laychak, Kathleen
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 9:11 AM
Subject: RE: PCOS study??

My name is Katy Laychak, and I am the research coordinator for this trial [at Magee Women's]. It is for women who have PCOS and would like to be pregnant. It is sponsored by NIH, National Institutes of Health and is being done is approx. 10 sites across the country. It is a 30 week or 6 cycle trial involving 3 different medication arms - clomid. metformin and clomid/meformin combination. It involves weekly blood work, so yes, you do need to live within driving range of one of the centers. If you search PPCOS on line you will find additional information. All the different sites are listed...My phone number is: 412-641-1483. I am generally in my office from 7:30 - 4:30 each day. Thanks so much for your interest.

Since I live on the West Coast, it isn't at all practical for me to participate in the study back in Pittsburgh -- besides the fact that I'm interested in dealing with the PCOS, but not necessarily interested in getting preggers again. But I did follow up on Katy's advice to do some Google searching to gather more information for our readers who may be near the various NIH sponsored sites and interested in the focus of the study. So here's the main site as far as I can tell -- they have details about the study, a map of locations, and contact information available there. If you are interested, check it out:


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