High Risk Subsequent Pregnancy Support
Info sent in by Nancy Grayson from MISS Idaho Chapter

Editor's Note: While this is a Loss Journal, the reality is that many people (not all) go on to face very high risk and high stress pregnancies subsequent to the death of a child and/or previous pregnancy loss that may have been the cause of death. Pregnancy in general is an overwhelming trip that is totally glossed over on the glamour pages of high fashion magazines that claim they are about pregnancy and parenting. Add a previous loss to the experience of pregnancy, and it is downright hellish. The the glamour magazines DO NOT offer support for any of it. So, in the hopes of offering help and actual support to our readers facing this situation, we are grateful to Nancy for sending the following note and resources:

Wanted to share this resource with those that help support families in our community.  This is a web site for high risk & bed rest pregnancy support. Very informative! www.sidelines.org

Nancy and Peter Grayson - Joel's Mom & Dad
MISS Foundation Idaho programs:
Mothers and Dads in Sympathy & Support
missfoundationidaho@msn.com 208.861.2407

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