Parental Grief After Pregnancy Loss: thesis publication
by Julie McDonald

Editor's Note: Sometime last year, Julie wrote me with information about a survey she was doing to gather information for her thesis. I was glad to participate and to let our readers know about it as well. And I asked Julie to please let me know when she was done with the thesis as I was most interested in reading about her findings. Glad to say we've heard from her!

While many parents will read this and not be surprised at all by the findings, I do think many caregivers and "professionals" without the firsthand experience of child death, could find the information here to be helpful, thought provoking, insightful. I think anyone, especially bereaved parents themselves, will find the quotes from parent-participants *most interesting*!!! Talk about a "reality check" with others who truly get it get it get it!!! So awesome to see their feedback in print like this!!!

By making this content available to you, KotaPress isn't saying that we agree or disagree with findings, but simply that there isn't enough research in this area and that this study's information (and anything it sparks) should be made available, talked about, researched further, seriously considered! Check it out:

Click here to read PDF of McDonald's thesis summary: "Parental Grief After Pregnancy Loss"
(Please note that the link above will open a new browser window for you and launch Acrobat Reader so that you can read this PDF format of the document!)

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