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Senate Bill 1003 has been signed into law by Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano!

The MISS Foundation has been working hard on SB1003, and we are now proud to announce the passage of this bill into Arizona state law!

This new law, for the first time in any state, allows for a one-time tax deduction for parents who experience the stillbirth of a child during the same year in which the child was born and died. This is a financial relief, particularly for many low-income families suffering the death of a baby.

As many of you know, Arizona was the first state to enact the MISSing Angels Bill, leading the way for many other states that would follow, requiring that hospitals offer and the state vital records office provide a birth certificate (in addition to the death certificate) for stillborn infants. Arizona has, once again, stepped forward in its recognition and support of stillbirth families.

Special gratitude to Arizona legislators and to the Sanchez-Wilson family for sharing their story and appearing with Joanne Cacciatore at hearings to testify. If you'd like more information, please email joanne@missfoundation.org.

The Associated Press picked up the story for national news:


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MISS Foundation Information
The M.I.S.S. Foundation was founded in 1996 and is an international non-profit 501(c ) 3 organization
which offers immediate and on-going support for families experiencing the death of a child from any
cause. We offer local support groups, bilingual support, resources, free funeral planning, peer counseling, newsletters, camps for grieving kids, and a wonderful website ( www.missfoundation.org ). We also believe strongly in community education and awareness. We offer various programs that range from healthy baby education to bereavement support to annual conferences and seminars for medical professionals helping provide psychosocial intervention to grieving families . For more information, please contact the National MISS Foundation offices at 623.979.1000.

WA MISS Local Chapter
We meet once a month over in West Seattle and offer outreach anytime from our Vashon location. Please see www.missfoundation.org/seattle for more information.

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